Chuck Close: Face Book

Chuck Close: Face Book

Publisher: Abrams, Harry N., Inc.                                                        Publication Date: 04/01/2012

Pages: 64                                                                                                  Delivery: Independent Reading

Lexie: 900L                                                                                                             Age Range: 8 – 12 Years

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.54.07 PM


  • Pace Gallery – This link will bring you and your students right to Chuck Close’s page on the Pace Gallery website, where some of his work is features. Here students will be able to read more about Close and who he is, study his art, and get links to articles he has been most currently talked about in the news today. Student’s will also be able to learn more about the gallery itself and the place where Close’s art is stored.
  • Note To Younger Self – In this CBS series, Chuck Close talks about things he would tell himself now to his 14-year-old self. Through this short 5-minute video, students would be able to see examples of his work, what he looks like, and even gain some inspiration and motivation to read more about his Close’s life story.


  • Language Arts – Having students create an open mind portrait where they draw a self portrait and on the other side of the paper have students write about  some “big events” in the student’s life that has influenced your students as both a person and artist.
  • History – Looking at the text as a whole and having children examine what makes an autobiography different from other lit. genres. What
  • Art – Students will have to replicate Chuck Close’s art style by filling in a silhouette of their head with different mediums and patterns that reusable what they saw in his autobiography.
  • Key Vocabulary:
    • Dyslexia – a variable often familial learning disability involving difficulties in acquiring and processing language that is typically manifested by a lack of proficiency in reading, spelling, and writing

    • Prosopagnosia – a form of visual agnosia characterized by an inability to recognize faces

    • Caricatures – a drawing that makes someone look funny or foolish because some part of the person’s appearance is exaggerated

    • Arbitrary – not planned or chosen for a particular reason : not based on reason or evidence

    • Quadriplegic – a person who is permanently unable to move or feel both arms and both legs because of injury or illness

  • Before Reading:
    • Adjunct Displays – Having students look at outside resources from the book before they begin reading to get an understanding of what they will be learning more about.
  • During Reading:
    • Time line – students keep track of the events that occurred in Chuck Close’s life and the events that build his to be who he is today.
  • After Reading:
    • Found Poems – Students take a page from the book and get in touch with their artistic side and create a found poem. Example:



  • Throughout the novel, Chuck Close talks about overcoming many odds and both a child and an adult, such as dyslexia and aneurism. What is something you have overcome in your life so far? Compare and contrast what you’ve done to preserver and how it is either sillier or different to Chuck Close.

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