This One Summer

This One Summer

Publisher: First Second                                                                 Press Publication date: 05/06/2014

Pages: 320                                                                                                Delivery: Independent Reading

Lexie: n/a                                                                                                               Age Range: 12 – 17 Years

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.23.01 PM.png


  1. Preview – This website gives a few of the pages of the book away that allow the readers to get a sneak peak at what the novel may be about and make some predictions.
  2. Author – This brief interview with author  Jillian Tamaki with CBC books.


  • Character Development – Making a graphic organizer that examines the similarities and differences between Windy and Rose throughout the course of this book.
  • Making Inferences – Look at the role that parents play in this novel. Are there moments where they are loving or are they overall non-exsistant and examining  their role or importance in the novel.
  • Language In Graphic Novels – looking at the use of the word “slut” in the novel and its correlation and connotation in todays society.
  • Key Vocabulary: Since this is a graphic novel, there really weren’t many challenging words that posed any difficult to a reader in this age range. The illustrations provide great context clues to aid in any frustration in the comprehension of words.
  • Before Reading:
    • Shared Reading – the teacher will guide the students as to how they should be reading this graphic novel and the text features they should be looking at, and the questions they should be asking themselves.
  • During Reading:
    • Concept Map – As students are reading, they can keep a concept map alongside of them to creatively track information they are reading about. Example:


  • After Reading:
    • Independent Reading – Since this was assigned an independent reading book to begin with, having more articles or related text to this specific graphic novel may encourage more independent reading to the child, especially if they enjoyed this book.


  • This novel housing solely on this one transitional summer for Rose. By looking at all she has been thorough this past summer, do you think that if Rose and her family returns back to Awago Beach next summer, she’ll have the same approach to her friends, family, and surroundings as she did this year?

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