Better Nate Than Ever

Better Nate Than Ever

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books                                          Press Publication date: 01/21/2014

Pages: 304                                                                                                     Delivery: Book Club Reading

Lexie: 930L                                                                                                              Age Range: 9 – 13 Years

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 2.29.37 PM


  1. ET – This is the trailer to the original ET film. This will be able to set the scene for students so they know what Nate is auditioning for and may allow them to make connections between the film and the novel
  2. Quizlet – This is a fun way to re-enforce vocabulary mentioned throughout the novel and by playing fun games to re-enforce the use of the terminology.


  •  Geography Connections – Connecting Nate’s he goes on in relation to an actual map of New York. Looking at the city
  •  History Connections – Reading about the history of Broadway and how it became as well known as it is today.
  •  Music & Theater Connections- Possibly doing a Reader’s Theater would be very interesting and engaging with this book due to the fact that the plot revolves around acting and Nate’s dream to pursue that goal.
  • Key Vocabulary: Some of the words that stand out the most include, while definitions were taken from this quizlet (which is mentioned above in electronic resources):
    • Underscore – To bring attention (emphasize) because something is important
    • Hamper – to get in the way of
    • Alibi – An excuse where someone was not at the scene of a crime.
    • Sordid – Something immoral (bad)
    • Emporium – A large retail store organized into departments offering a variety of merchandise
    • Flamboyant – Being showy
    • Aloft – Up in the air, especially in flight
    • Bely – To give a false impression
  • Before Reading:
    • Read-Aloud – Students can be introduced to this book through a read-aloud of the first couple of chapters.
  • During Reading:
    • Directed Reading- Thinking Activity – This activity is good for this type of novel because if it is a “book club” book, students will be reading this book independently at home and coming together to discuss it later on. By having a focus when reading, it will enable to students to have good thoughts when discussion later on.
  • After Reading:
    • Collaborative Conversations – Teacher will be able to observe the conversation the students have after reading the book to gauge their comprehension of the material. This is great, especially because this is just a small book club book.



  • The ending of this novel is quite ambiguous. How does ending leave the reader? Have students predict what may happen. If they have read the sequel Five, Six, Seven, Nate, have then compare and contrast the two novels. The students may also be given the opportunity to write an alternate ending to the novel.



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